New ID created when Editing InfoPath form XML in Visual Studio


When editing form in XML.


  • A new item ID is created
  • All workflows that are on item created are fired.
  • Alerts are triggered.

What exactly happens?

Whenever a form is edited in xml, a new temporary form is created with name ve-123.tmp (where 123 is random number) with new item ID. This triggers all on created workflows.

End user cannot see these .tmp files and when update in xml file is completed, these ve-123.tmp files are deleted automatically. Tmp files can be found in recycle bin of the site.

Why this happens:

I believe that it is caused due to Windows OS behavior. Whenever we open a file OS creates a temporary file in same folder where the document is open.

Purposed Solution:

Copy the xml file on local system, make changes and then replace the existing xml using windows explorer of library.

Edit Xml in SharePoint Designer or TextPad.

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